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Sai Smrithi Shanmugam

Best Crossfit Gym in Coimbatore ! Raviscrossfit is unique in so many ways. I have been many fitness studios but this was the most satisfying. Unlike the boring AC studios, here it is full of energy and fun way of exercising regime.

Everyday pattern is different it's never a boring routine.
As far as the trainers are concerned they don't just pay personal attention but be with you through out the workout and give clearcutc instrinstruction and reasons for doing a particular set of workout. As the tag Line PUSH BEYOND YOUR LIMIT the trainers push you to it not by force but by encouraging and motivating us. You must experience to understand what I have felt being a member of the Crossfit.

Rajini Ashok

I think this place is one of the best gyms that I have ever been to. It is different from the regular gyms in many ways. To start with it's out in the open so you do get some really fresh air in the mornings. The trainers are all very friendly and approachable and yet they make sure you are ony your toes and they ensure that you sweat it out. The diet assistance offered is really good and you will tend to get into healthy eating without much fuss. So all in all, best place to stay fit.


Has an excellent work ethic and training regime to loose weight in the most natural yet sustained way. Really recommend for those who would not only want to reduce weight but also tune in to a healthy lifestyle.

Sumitha Shankar

This is a unique out door fitness gym with very dedicated and focused trainers for individual and group workouts. Each session is power packed with a series of exercises aimed at different muscle groups ensuring good inch loss, muscle building and body sculpting. My favorite ones are Tyre rolls, bar and dumbell exercises. You must experience this excellent CrossFit gym to truly believe what I am saying.

Uday Balaji

One of the go to places in Coimbatore to get fit! Beats the monotony of going to a gym.


Lovely workout place adaptive and co-operative staff amazing training.

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