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Fitness Programs


Circuit Training .2
Strength Training .3
Core Exercises .4
Explosive Workouts .5
6. Gyming
7. General Fitness
8. Endurance
9. Cardio Capacity Building 

Animal Flow, Calisthenics, Pilates, Obstacle training, Cardio, Aerobic, Crunch Fitness  & Functional Training

Well Equipped Gym, Personal Trainer, Crossfit games

Special CrossFit coaching for beginners


Weightloss - Fatloss - Inch loss -Lean muscle building - Stress Busting - BodyToning - Flab Reduction  - Post pregnancy weight reduction



The many benefits of Fitness to kids: Have stronger muscles and bones, have a leaner body, be less likely to become overweight, decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, have a better outlook on life, besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit  sleep better. They're also better able to handle physical and emotional challenges — from running to catch a bus to studying for a test.



Kids Crossfit - Weight Management Program - Yoga for kids - Self Esteem/ Confidence development - Sports and Recreation - Sand and Hill Training - Callisthenics - Functional Training

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