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Fitness Trekking to Palamalai by Ravi's Crossfit 

Trekking- 27th January 2019

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Trekking is an adventure hobby that is pursued by most who love nature. It can be considered as both a hobby and a sport. Taking up trekking as a hobby can offer both mental and health benefits. Trekking acts as a stress buster and can help in overcoming their depressions. Often it makes them immune to natural factors like heat, cold and wind. Ravi's Crossfit organises trekking routinely once in three months.



Crossfit is slowly gaining traction among public. In order to hasten the process Ravi's crossfit is conducting workshops related to crossfit events in Shopping malls, Corporates, Schools, Colleges and other public places. By conducting these events Ravi's Crossfit will give the general public an idea about fitness and health in particular crossfit. Workshops are also conducted in special request by schools, colleges, corporates for their students and employees respectively.


Fitness Challenge Events

Want to check your stamina and endurance levels, Wanna see whether it is as competitive as your friend's is? Yes, Then Sign up for Ravi's Crossfit's Fitness Challenge events which will be held at frequent intervals in and around the city. We provide Fitness challenges that will basically tests your endurance and stamina in completing the challenges that are not boring, which is moreover a fun filled activity.   


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