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How to make your Gym more Likeable to the clients ?

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Running a gym is a tiresome process, but after all the hard work you dedicate to it, what will you do if your customers don't like the atmosphere of your gym?

Yeah, that's right.About 30-40 percentage of clients search for another gym once they feel the atmosphere and the surrounding of the gym unpleasant.

So, Today I am going to share 3 easy ways to make your gym more pleasant and likable to your customers.

I am Crossfit Ravi, Been into the fitness industry for about a decade. Specialized in CrossFit and other modern fitness techniques. I run 6 gyms in coimbatore (india). So, stay tuned. I will be sharing many secrets of building a proper gym business in my blogs.


This sounds so basic, right?

Yeah, it's so basic but its one of the very important factor which gives your customer a big NO or big YES about continuing in the gym after the trial run.

Make sure that your gym is cleaned each day. If possible before each shift.


What is better than excersising  in nature.If you are an outdoor gym, you will automatically get that advantage but if your gym functions inside a building, you have to separately take care of it. The simplest solution is to place plants around the place.

You might think what difference it makes, But in reality, it makes a lot of difference. Human mind appreciate to see calming colors when working out hard.


You don't want to give the emotion of " I'm not being taken cared properly" to your clients while they are in the gym. If you are the one man gym or having employed personal trainers, make sure that you are attending each of the clients properly especially beginners.

These are 3 simple things you could consider taking care of to keep your clients comfortable in the gym .

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