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Simple exercises you can do without visiting the gym

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One of the most effective ways to be successful in facing the daily challenges will be the deliberate morning routines. The morning routines will determine your future. 20 minutes of regular exercise in the morning will help you in burning the body fat, increase the energy levels and also makes you fit for the rest of the day.

Here are some simple fitness routines which will keep you healthy:

1.Double Leg Lift

Lay flat on the ground. Place your hands underneath your bottom. Raise your legs straight about your hips perpendicular to the ground. Hold for few seconds. Slowly extend the hips down towards the floor. Repeat this process for five times.


Keep your legs apart in a shoulder-width apart. Stretch your hands straight for balance. Sit as if you are in a chair.

3. Jumping Jacks

Keep your feet together and your arms straight towards your sides. Jump with your feet wide by bringing your hands above the head simultaneously.  While bringing your arms back to the sides, jump with your feet together.

4. Planks

Lie down by facing the floor. Place your forearms straight in front of you on the ground. Stretch your legs to the full extension and rest your whole body by supporting on the toes. Keep your body tight and hips lifted up with your neck lined with the spine.


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